Two Fuel Filled Trucks Captured Leaving Ethiopian Border


The customs authorities of Ethiopia caught two fuel trucks filled with over 93,000 liters of fuel while leaving the country illegally.

The trucks were carrying fuel Ethiopia imported via Djibouti. Meanwhile, after entering Ethiopian border the drivers changed their route to transport the fuel out of Ethiopia to another country not mentioned by name, according to FBC report. The two trucks were caught on Monday midday at a place called Karamara in Somali Region of Ethiopia.

The drivers were supposed to transport the fuel to Adola and Debark tows of Ethiopia. The first truck was carrying 46,700 liters of fuel destined to Debark town of Amhara Region. While the other was carrying 47,059 liters of fuel supposed to go to Adola town of Southern part of Ethiopia.

The report indicated that the two drivers were caught by customs authorities at Jigjiga branch, who got tips from Addis Ababa about the intention of the drivers to smuggle the fuel out of the country.

It is not yet clear who were supposed to receive the fuel on the other side of the border and what their intention was beyond financial gain.

After Prime Minister Abiy came to power, the former president of the Somali Region of Ethiopia Abdi Illey was sacked and ended up in prison. Meanwhile, not much is known about the whereabouts of his highly trained and equipped militia.


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