Eritrea rebel group urged Eritrean to protect rights, vows to continue fight


The organization issued the statement after it conducted a two day meeting with the participation of its members in Logia town in Ethiopia. It stated members of the group have discussed the ongoing political situation in the Horn of Africa, including the peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

It added the committee has commended the fruitful peace agreement with neighboring countries, but stressed the Eritrean government is a rights perpetrator that defies the interests of the Eritrean people. Ethio Newsflash’s reporter Elias Meseret quoted the press statement as saying a peace that never respects the aforementioned entitlements of the Eritrean people will never stay long and has a big chance to fail.

The armed group is mainly based in northern Ethiopia and has been fighting Eritrean forces by conducting sporadic guerilla warfare. It is not yet known how many troops are fighting alongside this group nor its military capabilities.


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