Doraleh Container Terminal Management Company and Pacific International Lines sign contract


Doraleh Container Terminal Management Company has taken steps to pursue its development and improve its performance, by striking a deal with one of Asia’s largest shipping companies

· The deal with the Singapore-based shipping company will increase the amount of cargo passing through the port by a further 300,000 TEU containers per year. This represents a 33% increase compared to the current volume handled by Doraleh Container Terminal

The deal with Pacific International Lines (PIL) will provide 20% of the terminal’s total capacity, which is 1.6 million TEU per year
Due to the previous management agreement for Doraleh Container Terminal, its volume has been low in recent years, despite operating in a favourable import-export environment

Djibouti continues to flourish as a world-class trade and logistics hub, establishing strong links with major international businesses

PIL is one of the largest shipping companies in Asia, ranked 11th among container ship operators globally with operations in more than 500 locations in 100 countries worldwide
This agreement is a first important step towards Doraleh Container Terminal fulfilling its capacity potential
Doraleh Container Terminal, together with Djibouti’s other ports, will be able to fulfil its role of connecting the region to the global economy
Djibouti’s ports are strategically positioned to facilitate trade between Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
Doraleh Container Terminal continues to attract business and is forging new links with investors from around the world


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