Balck Panther smashed Ethiopia and world records


The blockbuster movie Black Panther premiered in Ethiopia on Thursday, breaking a record instantly for the most number of seats sold in the only cinema house in the capital, Addis Ababa that is showing the blockbuster, Matti Multiplex.

“Movie goers are enjoying the African heritage part of the film. This is also unique for us because Ethiopia is often mentioned alongside the black power and black movements as the only nation not colonized by Western powers,” said Elias Abraha, Operations Head of the cinema house that is showing the movie five times a day. “There are people who changed their flight plans just to watch the movie.”

Elias said the movie was a complete sell out and more than 2,100 people saw the movie in their cinemas in the first day alone.

Some movie goers changed their Facebook profile pictures and are stating their adoration for the movie.

“After 15 insane years on the throne of the best movie I have watched and had hoped to watch all my life, The Lord of the Rings trilogy has finally been dethroned,” wrote LadyRock Maranatha.

“Tears stream down my face as I write this. Black Panther was basically an enormous… rollercoaster of emotions, adventure and most of all the affirmation of what I had felt since I left my country for Cambridge and came back. I cried for my people and felt immense pride in being Ethiopian and most importantly AFRICAN. We are truly resilient and beautiful.”


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