Ethio Newsflash sources: Dr. Walter Reopert is the German tourist killed at Erta Ale


Ethio Newsflash sources have confirmed that Dr. Walter Reopert is the German tourist who killed at Erta Ale last Sunday. The German Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a German tourist was killed and his local tour guide wounded on Sunday’s attack.

The attack occurred around the famous volcanic lava lake at Erta Ale in Northern Ethiopia. The German Ministry refrained from providing more details but local sources said multiple arrests were made following the attack.

In 2012, gunmen in the same location killed five Europeans and injured two others in addition to kidnapping four others. The Ethiopian government at the time blamed rebels dispatched by Eritrea that killed two Germans, two Hungarians and an Austrian. Two Germans and two Ethiopians were among the kidnapped and an Italian and a Hungarian were wounded in the attack.

Earlier in 2007, another five Europeans and 13 Ethiopians were kidnapped in the North- Eastern Afar region where the volcanic site is located. Again, Ethiopia accused Eritrea of masterminding that kidnapping but Eritrea blamed an Ethiopian rebel group. All of the hostages were released, though some of the Ethiopians were held for more than a month.

In addition to tourists, the Afar region is frequented by researchers and aid workers but rebels and bandits also roam the area. The German Foreign Ministry told our reporter Elias Meseret it is aware of the latest attack at Erta Ale and the German Embassy in Addis Ababa is in close touch with Ethiopian Authorities in order to ‘secure background-information in regard of possible affected German citizens.


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