Sudanese Banks Operate with Dollars Received from the US


Sudanese banks already operate with international dollar transfers received from the US, which announced on Friday the lifting of sanctions imposed on the African country 20 years ago, a local newspaper reported.

These operations began to flow from the international banks to the Sudanese ones after the cease of those trade pressure measures, which became effective on Thursday, the Sudanese Central Bank (CBOS) said in a statement quoted by the Sudan Tribune.

The lifting of that particular sanction benefited first two local institutions of that type, which received on Tuesday international transfers from banks of the US and Europe.

The disruption of this measure puts an end to a Washington economic embargo that imposed restrictions on commercial and financial transactions and allows US companies to negotiate with local oil and gas industries.

The Sudanese government also demands that its name be removed from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, a designation that involves associated sanctions such as a ban on arms sales and limitations on Washington’s assistance.

The US announced in 1993 the inclusion of Sudan in that list, due to accusations that the African nation hosted Islamic militants fighting different regional and international targets.

The State Department explained that the statement on October 7 to permanently suspend the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan, which became effective today as planned, was taken in response to Khartoum’s compliance with various demands.

Among the latter, he recognized ‘the constant and positive actions to maintain a cease of hostilities in the area of conflict, and to improve humanitarian access in the country.’

President Barack Obama ordered the suspension of sanctions temporarily shortly before leaving as a President, with final revocation in July, but his successor, Donald Trump, imposed an extension of another three months to make that decision.

Source: Prensa Latina


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