Google Acquires Halli Labs


Mighty web search engine, Google has acquired an Indian startup – Halli Labs. The startup company is based in Bengaluru and is just a four-month-old project based on Artificial Intelligence. Although there is more clarity needed on the exact nature of work of Halli Labs. But it is known that they center on solutions grounded in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to a blog, Halli Labs applies contemporary Machine Learning techniques to old domains and problems to help technology keep moving timelessly – “giving superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do whatever we want to do, better,” is what the post read. The thought was to help the rural parts of India to get access to the internet on the patchy internet.

Halli Labs publicized about the acquisition on Wednesday and CEO Pankaj Gupta said that they were quite excited to join Google’s Next Billion Users team and assist them in the task of getting through technology and information to more people across the globe.

Pankaj Gupta who is a Ph.D. in computer science worked with Twitter for five years in San Francisco after which he joined Stayzilla – which is an Indian hospitality startup that provides budgeted hotels and accommodations to travelers. Stayzilla is now defunct. Gupta founded Halli Labs in April this year.

Vice President, Product Management of Google, Caesar Sengupta welcomed Pankaj and his team at Halli Labs to Google and looked forward to building some “cool stuff together”.

Internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple have looked up to the Indian markets for business and as an emerging talent. There are hundreds of startups whose foundations have been laid by ex-employees of these companies or other multi-national organizations. This has proved beneficial for both India and countries abroad as it has helped in making products that solve the problem of the users.



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