Former Fasil Kenema FC Head Coach Zemariyam undergoes surgery today in Thailand


By Timotios Baye Mengistu (TBM) for Ethio Newsflash

Former Head Coach of the Fasil Kenema FC, Zemariyam Woldegiorgis, has undergone a new surgery in Bangkok, Thailand earlier today. The Coach carried out the latest surgery after he made his first surgery back in December 2016.

Coach Zemariyam

“The patient has suffered a digestive disease called fistula,” said Dr. Arun Rojanasakul of Bumrangrad International Hospital. “So I have decided to take another surgery which will heal him once it is done successfully. In his next two appointments, I will see everything; whether there is progress or not.”

Coach Zemariyam will stay for more than a week at the hospital in Thailand that will cost him approximately $15,000.

In an interview with TBM, Zemariyam said, “I’m sick like I have never been in the last two months and this is basically an obstacle for my career. Now, I have got a successful surgery. Thanks to God. As my doctor told me, I will heal soon and will be back to my career.”

“Truly speaking, I had a great season with the beloved honorary president, team leader, coaching stuff, players and fans. Fasil FC is a product of all, not my contribution only. I would love to thank all for everything.”

The Coach said Fasil FC is millstone for his future career of coaching.

Fasil FC appointed Mintesinot as Head Coach in the place of Zemariyam and has so far won a home game against Arba Mich Kenema. In the 27th Ethiopia Premier League fixture, Fasil will play with Dedebit tomorrow at the Yidenkachew Tessema Stadium.



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