Eritrea Urged the UN to Lift ‘Unjust and Counterproductive’ Sanctions


During the 7925th Meeting of the UN Security Council held in New York, Eritrea called on the UNSC to Lift the ‘Unjust and Counterproductive Sanctions and End the Illegal Occupation.’

The full text of the Statement Delivered by Mr. Amanuel Giorgio, Chargé d’affaires of the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations, during the meeting is presented below.

Madam President, Distinguished Members I would like to congratulate you on the assumption of the presidency of the Council for the month of April. I would like to thank the Chair of the Committee H.E Ambassador Kairat Umarov for his briefing as well as for his efforts to enhance constructive and genuine dialogue.

I would like to assure you of my delegation’s full cooperation in the discharge of your responsibility. Madam President, As a matter of coincidence this open briefing of the UN Security Council is taking place on the very date the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission gave its final and binding ruling 15 years ago, on 13 April 2002. To the regret of many who worked hard to realize peace, Ethiopia to this date continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory, including the town of Badme, in violation of its treaty obligation and international law.

The hope of achieving peace and security for the people of the region has been dashed and the opportunity of building a common front for common challenges has been postponed indefinitely. It would indeed be remiss of its duty of maintenance of international peace and security for the Security Council to ignore the failure and refusal by one of the parties to implement a mutual agreement that it had solemnly signed; particularly when we recall that this Agreement was guaranteed and witnessed by the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, the United States and Algeria.

Madam President, The Security Council is actively seized at the present time on all regional issues – the Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen etc. where intra-State or inter State conflicts have or continue to rage. But it continues to studiously avoid the Eritrea/Ethiopia conflict. The UN Security Council cannot continue its fifteen years of inaction in the face of destabilizing acts of occupation and aggression that threaten regional peace and stability.

This is not only morally and legally unacceptable but it is increasingly evident that the simmering tension is untenable and fraught with perilous escalation. In the event, Eritrea reiterates its call to the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities of maintaining international and regional peace through ensuring immediate and unconditional Ethiopia’s withdrawal from sovereign Eritrean territories, including the town of Badme.


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