Ethiopian man burned to death in South Africa


The Somali Association of South Africa has condemned the killing of an Ethiopian spaza shop owner in the Kwelera area outside East London in the Eastern Cape.

He died after his container spaza shop was set alight while he was sleeping inside it.

The motive for the killing is still unknown.

The community of Nokhala village is still in shock following the brutal murder of a foreign spaza shop owner who was in his twenties.

The foreign national had only been running his business in the area for a month.

It’s alleged that the perpetrators put gas cylinders and tyres around the container, poured petrol on it and set it alight.

Neighbours heard the screams of the trapped man, but it was too late.

Eye witness Mkhululi Bolo says the attack happened in the early hours of the morning.

“This  small chap was  crying loud  for about 10 minutes.  I screamed  calling  people that there’s  fire after ten  minutes  one or two people started coming in and  then there was a lot of people  surrounding the container but they couldn’t stop the fire”

Ahmed Hassan, a member of the Somali Association of South Africa, says the incident has left other foreign nationals frightened.

“The law doesn’t exist, we always  depend on the police but the police, if  you go and  report a case to  the police , in two or three day  you do a follow up  there is no  help”

Meanwhile, police spokesperson, Mluleki Mbi, says they cannot rule out the possibility of business competition as the primary cause of the attack.

“We are still investigating charges of arson and murder regarding the death of a foreign national at Nokhala location in Kwelera outside East London, at this stage there are no new developments, we believe that members of the community are still going to meet and discuss the matter. We still appeal to anyone who has got information to contact the police.”

No one has been arrested, but police say they will do everything they can to track down and arrest those involved in the murder.

Source: SABC


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