More battery life, more life: Huawei Mate 9 for Busy Addis Ababa


As the country dashes forward towards a faster overall growth, its capital Addis, gallops at the front of the track. The hustle and bustle can be witnessed in the streets as everyone runs here and there to get things done.

More dwellers in the city are leading a business lifestyle now. A lifestyle with tasks, deadlines, reports, business plans as well as the urge and desire to update oneself with what goes on around the globe. This is where smartphones come to the picture.

It seems these days that better, more efficient, faster and multitasking smartphones are making our lives a little easier to handle. We no longer rely on a computer or a laptop to send emails, browsing the internet, doing business or even playing videogames. We don’t even need flashlights anymore; in theory.

Huawei’s Mate 9 Smartphone


Recent surveys have shown that a good number of smartphone users spend a great deal of time with their smartphones, running into several hours. The biggest casualty of this trend is usually the phone’s battery which is designed to last just a few hours of heavy usage.  Most smartphones need about two hours to charge up to full capacity, and often die within hours if used extensively, or with 4G.

That is where fast charging technology comes in, to give phones a quick charge resulting in several percentages in just few minutes. The Huawei Mater 9 is touted as having a Super Charge feature which delivers fast charging.

Huawei mate 9 uses a technology called the Huawei supercharge which is one of the world’s fastest rapid charging technologies. Supercharge enables intelligent charging via the smart charge protocol (SCP) allowing a smartphone to establish a direct communication with a charger. Super charge can also identify the load of a charger or a cable. The Supercharge intelligently outputs the most efficient voltage to a smartphone’s battery according to real –time battery requirements.

The HUAWEI Mate 9 combines a 4000 miilliamp hours (mAh) high-density battery with Huawei’s all new SuperCharge technology. With its advanced power saving technology, the HUAWEI Mate 9 increases battery life to provide over two days of uninterrupted performance, which makes it the best smartphone for thriving Addis.


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