U.S Embassy: Rumors that limitations have been placed on visas in Ethiopia are false


The United States Embassy in Ethiopia said today that there were no limitations imposed on the issuance of visas in Ethiopia.

“Rumors that limitations have been placed on the issuance of visas in Ethiopia are false and we continue to process visa applications as usual,” the Embassy said  today in an email sent to Ethio Newsflash. “Applicants whose visa expired less than 12 months ago are eligible to reapply through the interview waiver program, although they will be subject to the same rigorous security screening and may need to appear for an interview if requested by a consular officer.  All other applicants between the ages of 14 and 79, with the exception of certain classes of official visas, must apply in person.”

The Embassy clarified that foreign nationals from the seven countries subject to restrictions under Executive Order 13769, which did not include Ethiopia, may also continue to apply for visas as usual as the State Department has complied with the federal court order barring enforcement of several provisions of the Order.

“We will provide further updates if new information becomes available. The Department of State is committed to facilitating legitimate travel while ensuring the security of U.S. borders and the American people,” the Embassy stated.


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