Habesha Brewery to Introduce New Products


Habesha Breweries S.C., one of the latest entrants to Ethiopia’s brewing industry, is considering to start producing new beverages. According to the company’s marketing manager, Getaneh Asfaw, the company is planning to start producing sparkling and still water, non-alcoholic beer and a new beer that has less alcohol content.

Habesha undertook study on the feasibility of introducing the new products, Getaneh explained. “We will decide based on the market study. It is too early to talk about the details,” he furthered.

According to Getaneh, Habesha has not yet decided whether to use its existing facility or build a new plant and decision will be made once the study has been finished.

The study is expected to be concluded in 3 months time and the new products are scheduled to be introduced by 2018.

The brewing company was established by 8,000 shareholders. These shareholders included equibs, idirs and Ethiopians in the diaspora. 40 percent of the total share is owned by the Dutch company Bavarian. Habesha has its manufacturing plant in Debre BIrhan City, Amhara Regional State.

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