Hospitality industry disruption and the persistence mechanism


In a world where everything is shifting to technology which is creating convenience and speed, the hospitality industry is copping to make technology its integral part. Travelers no longer want to find accommodation walking into a hotel reception. Responding to these changes, companies in the hospitality industry continue to create mobile apps making searching for accommodation advanced and easier.


Technology has opened opportunities for the hospitality industry to advance and compete equally having introduced best tech solutions that have made traveling experience pleasant and informative. The hospitality industry and businesses in Africa continue to introduce applications which are freely downloaded offering hotel rooms, food, shopping, vacations and games. The innovations from Jumia Travel and online markets have made transactions quick and easier, allowing users to receive service swiftly.

Before the popularity of online hotel booking and online services, businesses used to depend on the traditional ways of promoting their offers which are restricted by geographical limitations. This also used to be a great disadvantage for users due to the absence of the opportunity to compare prices and facilities. Online presence of the hospitality industry has brought several advantages creating easier methods of hotel booking and purchasing items and other services easier than they have been before. Social media platforms have also allowed the industry to freely shine, attracting customers far beyond their borders interacting with potential customers directly.

The technological shift of the hospitality industry has opened services for fast and dynamic demands, delivering service requests in just few clicks. As technology continues to grow, the hospitality industry continues to catch up with the tech advancement. Set on strong momentum for long term growth, the hospitality industry is challenged with active and developing progressive tech discoveries. Businesses in the hospitality industry should proactively and effectively respond to a set of evolving tech innovations around user friendly and business expansion, data and service integration to cope with growth opportunities and the industry popular trends.

On the other hand, customers individualized demand on services draw business to focus on delivering an outstanding, individualized and user friendly customer experience responding to customers’ needs and desires. Digitally energized hospitality industry customers shifted communication into online than the old way of verbal and time taking communication methods. Business online presence created availability of relevant and accurate information’s to encourage customers to make informed transactional decision at any time. The limitless capabilities of online information have created measureable success of companies.

Although businesses in most countries in Africa including in Ethiopia are becoming more digitized, the difficulty of having skilled human power as well as retaining staffs with the right blend of technical and creative skills has remained to be the continent’s challenge. However, the opening of tech and hospitality industry higher level schools is allowing the sector to gain market share leveraging on accessibility even to places far beyond borders.

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