COP 22 ends with consensus on the urgency for addressing climate change


Heads of State and Government and delegations gathered for the High-Level Segment of the 22nd Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, have sent a strong signal on climate change with the adoption of the Marrakech Action Proclamation for Climate and Sustainable Development.The President of COP22, who is also the Foreign Minister of Morocco, Salaheddine Mezouar introduced the document to the plenary on the evening of 17 November.


The proclamation calls for “the  highest political commitment to combat climate change”, reinforces the urgency of implementation, action and increased ambition in the fight against rising global temperature rise.

The proclamation acknowledges the global momentum on climate change and underscores the need to speed up the pace in a cooperative and collaborative manner among all stakeholders taking into account the special needs and circumstances of developing countries and the most vulnerable. Developed nations reaffirmed the commitment to mobilize the finance goal of USD $100 billion for developing countries.

The means of implementation, including financing, has been a point of pressure and developed countries have been urged not to ignore their commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, which ends in 2020, now that the Paris Agreement had come into existence.

For Africa major issues related to finance include: How to ensure full implementation of existing Convention finance commitments and avoid shifting of responsibility towards the private sector or to developing countries under the new agreement; the need for a clear pathway for finance between now and 2020; and capitalization of the Green Climate Fund and easing access to the funds. In addition, efforts are required to ensure finance to enable the preparation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions by developing countries.

ECA’s Africa Climate Policy Center (ACPC), Acting Coordinator James Murombedzi, said “The commitment of all parties to reducing global warming is acknowledged. However, climate change is a serious and urgent issue for Africa and putting the commitments to action is paramount going forward.”


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