Photos of defecting Eritrean pilots emerged



A photo that purportedly shows two Eritrean pilots that defected to Ethiopia on October 27, 2016 has emerged online. The Reporter newspaper has published the photos of Afewerki Fissehaye and Mebrahtu Tesfamarim.

The Associated Press news agency first broke the news to the international audience but Eritrea’s Information Minister, Yemane Gebreab, said that was not true while talking to Mary Harper of the BBC. The AP’s reporter, Elias Meseret, was also rumored to be dismissed from his job for reporting a fake news and his agency also apologized to the Eritrean government. Ethio Newsflash can now report that those reports were false.

Ethiopia’s Defense Minister, Siraj Fegessa, confirmed about the defections on Sunday while addressing local reporters about the country’s state of emergency.


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