Mayor: Sebeta remains calm after state of emergency declared


Mayor of Sebeta, Ararsa Merdesa, told Ethio Newsflash that the town has remained calm after the country’s state of emergency was declared. He said no arrests have been made and there were no visible violence that rocked the town in the aftermath of the deaths of dozens of holiday goers in the town of Bishoftu.


“Around 1,000 people were detained following the violence in our town,” Ararsa said adding that most of them have been released since after investigations. “Most of them were not residents of Sebeta town. They came from other towns across the Oromia region and were blocking roads and burning factories. Some of them are still under investigation.”


Meanwhile, it is reported that seven people suspected of creating links with the banned Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and arming themselves by snatching artillery from local militiamen have been charged. AFRO FM’s Elias Meseret reported that the people were arrested while trying to create contacts through email and Facebook with leaders of the OLF that live abroad.




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