Ethiopia’s President: a new electoral law will be adopted to encourage multi- party system


ፕሬዝዳንቱ፡ሁሉንም የህብረተሰብ ድምጽ ሊያሰማ የሚችል የምርጫ ህግ ማሻሻያ ይደረጋል

The country needs to widen the political and democratic platforms and provide a legal framework to represent a variety of voices and provide diverse political interests before the next election, President Mulatu Teshome said today during the opening of the Parliament.

Recalling the last two elections in which the ruling party and its allies won 99.9% and 100% of the seats in the House of People’s Representatives as “free and fair”, the president said “Although, all those seats were won through free and fair periodic elections, the result left the substantial number of votes given to opposition parties unrepresented in the House of Peoples’ Representatives.”

He noted that the effort to build a democratic system needs to give no less attention to directly involve citizens in civil society and engage with intellectuals working in higher educational institutions and different national and international institutions.

“In this regard, the government will continue to build on those platforms that have already been set up. It will also work to expand the options available,” President Mulatu told the joint session of the two Houses that opened today.

His statement came amid massive anti- government protests that are taking place in various towns and cities across the Oromia region.


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